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BYB: Book 2: Luc & Izzy

Book 3: The Soledo Witches

Book 6: ALFT Realm Takeover

Book 14: T.B.M.D: Gladys

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  Nov. 2017...

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     Luc & Izzy...

Life changes can bring

 about some of the most  

amazing adventures.

That’s exactly what 

Izobel Santos thought 

when she decided to 

chuck it all, and move 

from California to

  Louisiana to chase her dreams of opening a

 restaurant of her own.

In spite of this, sex & lies threaten to turn her once looked forward to venture into

 a nightmare; and it seems only one person knows the


A past of pretext, deception and treachery jeopardize 

not only her dreams, but her life as well.

Can Izzy find the truth, before it’s too late…

Luc Moreau knew who she was from the moment he

 laid eyes on her. She looked so much like Sophia, 

that it was almost daunting! Yet from the moment his

lips touched hers, he knew what his job was; to protect

 her from clandestine forces, and untold secrets of 

long ago, no matter what the cost…even if it might 

get them both killed!

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     The Soledo 

  Witch Series; 

     Scrying for Witches...

Constantly ignoring her sister Fedalina who was always sprouting some old ancient crap about them being witches to the king Spain, Stephania ignored the little fact that she was magically inclined. After the death of her Aunt Pepper, then her own mother, Stephania decided to shut out the world of magick completely!

However, when the EMT’s rushed him into her trauma room nearly dead, Stephania couldn’t help but notice his aura. When he suddenly woke, seized her, then commenced to hiss “I’ve found you”, then passed out; Stephania knew some serious magick was in the works, groaned, then felt like slapping Fedalina for jinxing her…

After three years of being on the run, Bartholomew was shocked that he’d finally found her.

When he woke to her nearly molesting his body, he grinned not only at her beauty, but as far as an other half was concerned, he could have done worse. Things were definitely looking up for him after three years…

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                         Sept 2016

Soledo Witch Series:  Scrying for Witches...

TBMD: Gladyas

                 October 2015
Book 13 in the TBMD Series finally released! Excited!
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Renewal; Be Careful What You wish For

                  October 2015
     And the Newest Crossover between Both                    TBMD & ALFT
    The Soledo Witch Series; three to Tell...

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I Love It When Minorities Shine...


every one knows how much I love Paranormal Romance! It was because I was obsessed with Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry series that I wanted to write paranormal romance myself. I especially loved the fact that I could write Interracial Paranormal Romance. I love what i do, and it just floats my boat to be able to write romance; especially since my romantic life is often in shambles lol! Anyway, I love it when I see new news tidbits, and just a new take on the Paranormal circuit. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the movies Series Under World right? I loooove this franchise, and even though it fell off a bit, to me it is still the best Paranormal Series out there, because Vamps should never fricken "Glitter".

Anyway with the franchise they have put out four actual movies, and I have dug each of them...

So, my point in posting this lovely lil tidbit, was to ask you if you knew the author of not only the books, but the movies as well...is African-American! Not only is he a script writer and director, but he stared in the first two movies. I would like to introduce to those of you who do not know this...

Kevin Grevioux!

Who, as you can see...is African-American.

He is most known for his role as Raze in the Underworld movies. He graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in Microbiology with minors in both chemistry and psychology, afterwards attending graduate school working towards a Masters degree in Genetic Engineering. Grevioux also began taking screenwriting and cinematography classes as well, and after his first semester of grad school had finished, he moved to Los Angeles to began to work as a writer in earnest. To this end, he has written several scripts in various genres and has written and directed two short sci-fi films: Indigo and Thanatos. He also started a graphic novel company called DarkStorm Studios in 2003. As an actor, he has been seen in such films as The Mask, Steel, Congo, Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake, and the 2003 vampire vs. werewolf film, Underworld.

Underworld was Grevioux's first produced writing credit. He came up with the original concept/premise and wrote the original screenplay along with director Len Wiseman, launching the Underworld franchise. He appears in the film himself as a lycan, Raze, and returned as the character in the Underworld prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which he will also be adapting into a comic book mini-series. He also expressed an interest in telling more Underworld stories in comic form if this proves successful.

Using Romeo and Juliet as an archetype, Grevioux based Underworld on his experiences with interracial dating and the tension that it often causes. He also brought a scientific element to the world of vampires and werewolves by basing vampirism and lycanthropy on a viral mutagen rather than the mysticism typically associated with these two mythic creatures. This idea has been used before Underworld, for example in I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, written in 1954, as well as in the Blade franchise.

Early 2006 saw Grevioux form two comic book imprints, Astounding Studios and DarkStorm Studios. Grevioux's Astounding Studios imprint was to focus on all-ages titles such as Valkyries, Guardian Heroes and The Hammer Kid. The Darkstorm Studios imprint was a more mature line, including the books Alivs Rex, Skull and Guns and Uzan, The Mighty.

Grevioux's voice is distinctively deep. In the commentary track of Underworld, he relates that during the promotion and launch of the film, many fans asked him if his voice had been altered by computer, and were surprised to learn that it had not been. Grevioux wrote Marvel Comics’ New Warriors volume 4. Grevioux also wrote Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel, a character he created years ago as a young teenage comic book fan. The miniseries was drawn by Mat Broome and Roberto Castro. He is also in the process of writing a story featuring Lee Falk's characters The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, co-written with Mike Bullock. He will also be writing ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction for Red 5 Comics.

On December 2, 2009, Grevioux hosted a pilot episode for a concept series, Monster Tracker, on Discovery Channel. He sold the original screenplay for the film adaptation of his Darkstorm Studios graphic novel, I, Frankenstein, to Lakeshore Entertainment, which also produced the Underworld films. The story follows the original monster of Victor Frankenstein who is the only force that stands between the human race and an uprising of supernatural creatures determined to overthrow the world. Filming began on February 27, 2012.

So, will there be a 5th Underworld...

Unfortunately, Underworld: Awakening was pretty much seen by many as a critical flop in 2012, but it made around $160 million worldwide; so it’s not too much of a shock to hear that Underworld 5 is in development.

According to Bloody-Disgusting reports, Screen Gems is actively developing a new Underworld film, tentatively titled Underworld: Next Generation. They suggest that the latest sequel will follow Eve, the daughter of Kate Beckinsale’s leather-clad vampire Selene and Scott Speedman’s confused vampire/lycan hybrid Michael, who became the central plot point of the last film.

Those discussing returning cast should note that Speedman did not return for Awakening, and was replaced by an unconvincing stand-in.

The site states that the hunt for a writer and director is now on, but that Len Wiseman is returning as producer.

So we see, that Mr. Grevioux is pretty much done with the series, and on to something else. I love it when Minorities take over Genres that have for decades been run by Caucasian only. More power to you Kevin, I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)




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   I know how vicious, fiendish, litigious, foul, heinous, and any other adjective which can be added to the search for publication, literary agents and just plain getting your work out there. There are sooo many guidelines, so many "We want it this way," "No that's completely not what we want," it can be very frustrating.

So in the spirit of the fellow author, and the fact that the site is doing so well; I've decided to do Guest Blogs, and up in coming Author Interviews, and add them to the site. 

For all my fellow authors, published or un-published, I would like you to as Disney's Lumière would say "Be Our Guest" (wonder if anyone else knows Lemur was Law and Order's Jerry Orbach? Isn't that so craaaazy lol. I loved Lenny lol) ).

  All you need to do is send me a shout out and tell me where you saw this posted. Then contact me (<<<< button to the side) with your email address, state whether you are published or un-published, and give me a synopsis then we'll go from there. Also please state if you would like to do a Guest Blog, or an Author Interview; but tech both are completely fun. I've done both.

 Thanks Guys

Kindest Regards and hope to hear from you soon.

Alie out!

My Guidelines...

I will not Do Guest Blogs or Interviews for Smut! And what do I mean by SMUT?

1. No Rape of any kind detailed. ( if your work has elements of this, forget it! It can be implied as a past event which spurs the character on to overcome, get him or her arrested (rapist), or just plain kills his ass. But no vivid scenes written. I am soooo not feeling anything of that shinto.)

2. Abuse of children of any kind written in detail ( only if this is what the character has overcome, and is implied).

3. Golden showers, Pedophilia, BestialityHell to the Naw! I accept just a lil beastie: if its paranormal, and the sex was so good he/she couldn't help changing hahaha, but no sex after the change .)

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June 17th, 2017

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New Book Release; Scrying for Witches... Gladys…
Aug 2017...

Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn Series...

Book 1:

What the hell did he mean he was a werewolf?

And she was the descendant of whom?

He seriously…had to be hitting the pipe!

Werewolves did not exist!

If Arieanná believed him then she too belonged in a padded cell.

Not to mention, what would her Devout Christian parents have to say about the use of magick, long forgotten Egyptian Goddess, rituals to Isis, and the fact that this dude could change into a werewolf.

Furthermore, just what did he mean she was the keeper of an ancient Egyptian book of magick spoken of in the Book of the Dead? But what creeped her out was the fact that he said he was sent there to protect her by some priesthood, and had been watching her for the last eight months.

Stalker much!

He alleged that her goal was to harness the magick, then claimed she held the fate of humanity in her hands. Nevertheless, she in no way imagined in a million years that she would be involved with a complete stranger who could transform himself into a wolf.

Yet, what frightened Arieanná the most was the strong attraction she felt building between them. Each time she looked into his hazel green eyes, and he’d give her that lopsided boyish grin, Arieanná knew he was trouble with a capital T.

Book 2:

When her parents are killed, Jobey isn't thinking straight because she can't find her twin brother Tobey. However, in the search for Tobey, Jobey finds not only the hottest guy in L.A. to help her; but she also realizes she's connected to the descendant Arieanná , and Ast` infamous book of magick.
However, Jobey does notice there's something about this guy she's completely missing.... 

Book 3:

Inducted into a secrete order of the church at the age of 21, Magnus figured his life was set. 

At 21 he'd achieve more than Gereld could ever hope for, and the Arvantes was the crowning success for Magnus.
Gereld couldn't have been happier for him. 
At least that's what he thought.
However, 10 years later Magnus has a difference of opinion. When he lit that Crepis candle he had no clue it would forever change his life...

Book 4:

Thanks to her old college roommate Debbi, Sahbania's finding that late night séance of long ago might be true.
All in the name of fun and games her ass...
Yet, everything Debbi predicted was actually coming true!
Not to mention she wanted to know just what the hell a Succubus was...

Book 5:

De Luna should have known when she saw him in Brander's reading, he was too good to be true.
Just the name Rue implied it!
Moreover, those cerulean baby blues, mixed with that crooked grin; spelled trouble with a capital T...
Yet again, Rue was obligated to do something he didn't want to do.
After 232 years, you would think he'd be used to it by now.
Vampire Master Sephoroth returns... and boy is he pissed...

Book 6:

Dragged to yet another one of her sister Mak's New Years Eve parties, Kalanit felt like choking someone!
When she decided to take a break from the Trump wannabees and saw the blonde standing there, Kalanit knew there was something different about Quillan, and not just his name...

Book 7:

Revelin would never in her life sleep with someone after just having met them!
Why it went against her girl code!
However, from the instant he walked up to her with the golden Ares mask, it was like she just couldn't think straight anymore...
Ryzo had different thoughts entirely.
Revelin's mistake; she should have never looked into his beautiful slanted green eyes...

Book 8:

Tobey was just as amazed as everyone else was when she appeared out of nowhere from Revelin's Life Spell.

When he received the ancient tattoo of Horus the Elder, and the woman running with wolves; as he looked at the image he realized it was her!

He had to find her, because the look in her eyes told him she and he would be more than just friends...

Book 9:

If you asked Arieanna a year ago if she would  be here, she'd have thought you flippen crazy!
When he appeared in her dreams she thought they were just that; until Dagda knocked on the car window. And the links to Sephoroth? 
A 2,085-year old vamp, and an ancient 3,500- year old Celtic God? 
Sephoroth with his depth-less ice blue eyes, Kan svant, and Dagda if for no other reason than his beautiful spinning deep blue eyes and dark looks.
And what of Auron... 

Book 10:

Margaux had no idea what the hell a werecat was when he told her.
Then he had the insane notion that he was half-vampire, and half- tiger!
Had he lost his mind?
But after one Kiss from Regan, Maggy didn't care. He kept saying she was his other half, she just had no idea he'd meant it literally!

Book 11:

When Keelik introduced the 15 insanely hot men, then said they were the progenitors of the species; Arieanna nearly fell off her chair.

It wasn't in a woman to resist men who fricken look like them!

Then after Thigby cast Malefesia's Sleeping spell, she asked herself what else could happen to them?

She and Auron were barely getting back to what they used to be...
But when Stenos walked in, she nearly stopped breathing...

Book 12

When Seraphina's grandmier begged her to come to Carnival, she didn't stop to think twice; and she even coerced Ashley, Kendra and Jessica to go with her.
Yet, when the girls forced her to go up to some random guy at Carnival and kiss him, because it was the Carnival Tradition; Sera never imagined in her most erotic dreams it would be a kiss like that...
(Shape-shifters, vamps, lycans, witches, warlocks, all five Councils). All boo-kie breaks loose, and Arieanná , Emmalinda, Kalanit, De' Luna and Jobey take on a new source of power.